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About our future plans ...

"60 years of support of study into the paranormal underscores Parapsychology Foundation's continuing commitment to shedding light on the questions raised by psychic functioning. We invite all to utilize our resources and join the quest for a greater understanding of man's inherent capabilities to ultimately benefit humankind."
... Eileen Coly, President

“Mysteries raised by psychical rsearch remain largely unsolved. A half century of Parapsychology Foundation’s support of parapsychological research has merely scratched the surface of explanation, shedding light on some areas but whetting our appetites for further enlightenment. Parapsychology Foundation has rededicated itself to the goals of our founders and has renewed efforts to stimulate the active exploration and ultimate understanding of the psychic elements in our lives.”
... Eileen Coly, President, speaking during the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the PF.

“In looking forward, it becomes clear that the retooling and restructuring of the organization must respond to the needs of both our constituencies — the academic community and the public at large. With the implentation of new programs introduced during our anniversary such as the Parapsychology Foundation LYCEUM and the Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliate Program, coupled with our well-known and respected existing programs, two paralllel tracks emerge both leading to the same goal of advancing our knowledge and understanding of psychical phenomena.

“Our belief in — an enthusiasm for — the future of parapsychology remains strong. We pledge to continue to facilitate studies worldwide in various disciplines, striving to find answers raised by psychical research and realizing, as Eileen J. Garrett once stated, that ‘it is only by scientific patience, over long years, that real spiritual insight for reality can be achieved, and thus clear away the sentimental emotionalism that has long been the main enemy of true psychic research.’

“We can’t stop now because we haven’t yet solved the mystery of psychic phenomena. The interdisciplinary exchange and support of education in parapsychology are essential ... Our final goal is to put psychic phenomena to good use for the benefit of all.”
... Eileen Coly, President

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