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    The Library in 2015

    The Eileen J. Garrett Library is open by appointment only. To obtain an appointment, email the Foundation at office@parapsychology.org or call the NYC office at 212-628-1550. The prodigious collection of titles inherited by the Library from Exceptional Human Experiences Network founder, Rhea A. White is still being collated into the Library’s existing, significant collection. Any events to be held at the Library in 2015 will be posted here and in the “Breaking News” section of this website. (Click “PF News” above and then “Breaking News.”)

    The Library Itself

    The Eileen J. Garrett Library is located at 308 Front Street in Greenport, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island. Click on the button “Library Basics” above for more information, including directions to the library.

    When the Library was located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the New York Times (June 5, 2000) had this to say: “The Eileen J. Garrett Library of the Parapsychology Foundation … is stocked with more than 10,000 volumes on matters ranging from ghosts and poltergeists, psychic spies and healing research to spiritualism. It is a place where just about any assumption might be contemplated, and where psychic phenomena are accorded the respect that they have yet to receive in the material world beyond the tastefully appointed brownstone on East 71st Street.”

    For more information on the Library’s collections, click on the buttons above.

    The Fourth Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellow Andreas Sommer

    Andreas SommerThe Fourth Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellow, Andreas Sommer, conducted research in the Garrett Library from July 6th to July 12th, 2009, in preparation for his Ph.D. work in Science Studies and History of Medicine at University College London, UK, commencing in September 2009.

    Since completing his Ph.D., Sommer’s work has contributed, from an historical perspective, to current discussions in Science Studies that touch on the problem of intellectual freedom, the impact of contributions by academic outsiders on scientific and medical knowledge, and the demarcation problem (i.e., philosophical arguments discussing the difference between science and pseudo-science).

    While at the library, his project centered on the making of university psychology in Germany and the USA in response to proponents of late-nineteenth century psychical research, such as Johann Friedrich Zöllner in Germany, Frederic W. H. Myers in Britain, and William James in the US.

    Andreas used the example of German philosopher Carl du Prel (1839—1899) to tap into a wider international network of actors in psychical research who previously have been neglected or studied in isolation by historians of science and psychology. The research also scrutinized historical and current knowledge claims about the intrinsic psychopathology, or cognitive deviance, of alleged exceptional experiences and unorthodox belief systems related to psychical research and its objects of investigation.

    Sommer used the Foundation’s extensive collection of old Spiritualist and Psychical Research periodicals, especially issues of Light.

    For more information on previous Library Fellows, click here.

    About the Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship

    The Parapsychology Foundation developed the Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship to allow serious students or teaching, research and other professionals to take advantage of the unique collection assembled at the Eileen J. Garrett Library in Greenport, New York. Housed in a welcoming facility in a charming oceanside village on the North Fork of Long Island, the holdings of the Library include 12,000 titles, over 100 journals, and over 500 audio/video tapes on topics related to the scientific study of psychic phenomena.

    More specifically, the Library includes: the main international journals in parapsychology, both past and present, in complete runs; the best books and monographs in the field, past and present; the best general works on the topic including popular journals and magazines; Masters and PhD dissertations; strong holdings on such related areas as dreams, altered states of consciousness, shamanism, and religious practices, among others; complete sets of the Parapsychological Association’s Proceedings of Presented Papers and Research in Parapsychology, Advances in Parapsychological Research, the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, the Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research as well as the proceedings of all the Parapsychology Foundation’s international conferences; the Foundation’s monograph and pamphlet series and the titles of Helix Press; a good collection of non-English language journals and books primarily in Italian, French, Spanish and German; biographies and autobiographies of researchers, psychics and mediums; works on the history, sociology, psychology and anthropology of the paranormal; an electronic catalog and a variety of print finding aides which will allow the successful applicant to search the collections by author, title and subject; a vertical file of reprints and magazine articles going back to the 1950s; an audio-visual listening and viewing room; and an archive, among other resources.

    Parapsychology Foundation’s President, Lisette Coly, is always on hand through-out the Fellow’s stay to provide assistance and consultation. (For more information on the staff of the Foundation click here.)

    The Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship is a competitive fellowship program that includes a 7-day residency in Greenport, New York. The successful applicant will receive reimbursement for round-trip economy transportation via air, rail or bus. A $30-per-day food stipend to cover 9 days will also be provided as well as free photocopying, and a 20% discount on any purchases in the Foundation’s in-library book shop, Psi Mart á la Carte.

    The successful Fellow is expected to make his or her own travel plans to Greenport and accommodation arrangements once there although Foundation staff stand ready to be consulted. If the successful applicant is not a US citizen, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to obtain the necessary travel visas, should any be required.

    Fellows will be expected to be in residence in the Library on the weekdays during their 7-day stay, although evening and weekend library hours can also be scheduled at the Fellow’s convenience. On the weekend during their Fellowship stay, however, the Fellow is also free to travel to near-by New York City at his or her own expense for a little sight-seeing using either the Long Island Railroad or the Hampton Jitney bus system, or to the Hamptons on the South Fork of Long Island via the ferry system. The terminals for rail and bus and for the ferry to the Hamptons are all within easy walking distance of the library. At Orient Point, a brief taxi ride away, a ferry is also available to New London, Connecticut. (For railroad and bus schedules click here and scroll down.)

    To apply for the Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship, applicants must either be students aged 21 years or older, or teachers, instructors, professors, researchers or other professionals. (Past and current Foundation grant and award recipients, International and Student Affiliates, as well as individuals affiliated with PF Member Organizations are also eligible to apply.) If the applicant is a student, they must submit a Library Fellowship Application Form, an essay which states their reasons for wanting to use the resources of the Garrett Library, and two letters of reference from individuals who know the quality of their academic work. If the applicant is a teacher, instructor, professor, researcher or other professional, they must submit a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter that describes the work they wish to accomplish during the Fellowship.

    The Eileen J. Garrett Library Visting Scholar Program

    The Eileen J. Garrett Library Visiting Scholar Program was inaugurated to accommodate individuals who obtain their own grant support for an extended visit to Greenport. The Foundation does not provide travel assistance, expense reimbursement or other financial support to the successful applicant.

    If any scholars, researchers, artists, writers or post-graduate students are interested in the possibility of being considered for a one-month or shorter stay at the Library in future years, please write directly to the Foundation’s President, Lisette Coly, at the postal address listed below, or email her at office@parapsychology.org

    For information on previous Visiting Scholars, click here.

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