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The annual Frances P. Bolton Fellowship of $3000 is awarded to a person who obtained their Ph.D on the basis of a dissertation/thesis which dealt with some aspect of parapsychological phenomena, and whose intent is to use the Bolton Fellowship to further write up and polish the data that they amassed during the preparation of their doctoral dissertation/thesis.

Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the doctoral dissertation/thesis for ultimate inclusion in the Foundation’s Eileen J. Garrett Library.

If the Fellowship is being offered, the deadline for receipt of the application and dissertation/thesis is February 15th and the awardee is notified by March 1st. Announcements about 2010 Grants and Awards will be made in the Fall of 2009.

It is expected that the successful applicant will also submit an article suitable for publication in PF’s International Journal of Parapsychology.

Two 2009 Bolton Fellowships were awarded, one to Dr. Nicola Holt and one to Dr. Marios Kittenis. Click on “About the Bolton Fellowship” button above for more information on the new Bolton Fellows and their work.

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