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Dateline: New York City, January 4th, 2015

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  • New Blog on the Upcoming Massively Open Online Course Starting Tomorrow!

  • Carlos S. Alvarado writes on how to find quality courses in parapsychology in the new PF Lyceum Blog!

  • Lisette Coly will introduce Dr. Stanley Krippner’s Talk, “Spirits and Ghosts I Have Known and Loved’ October 28th at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn.

  • Read about PF’s own Susan MacWillam and her new art installation at the Quad Gallery in Derby open until November 23rd, 2014

  • Obituary of Mrs. Eileen Coly in newest issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration

  • Controlled Remote Viewing Classes Coming To The Eileen J. Garrett Library

  • Former PF Staff and Lecturers Teaching New Courses Starting Soon

  • The new PFLyceum Blog, Memorial for Eileen Coly (1916-2013) has just been posted.

  • Eileen Coly Passes Away At Age 97

  • Replay of Lisette Coly & The Parapsychology Foundation on the Travel Channel Tomorrow.

  • Lisette Coly & The Parapsychology Foundation on the Travel Channel Tomorrow.

  • Andrea Fodor Litkei's "A Common Ground" Lecture Transcript Now Available Online

  • Andrea Fodor Litkei to present a Perspectives Lecture “A Common Ground” WEDNESDAY, FEBUARY 22, at 7:30 p.m. at the New York Open Center.

  • Congratulations Nickolaos Koumartzis, 2011 Garrett Scholar

  • Eileen J. Garrett’s Haitian Diary Excerpt Published

  • New Blog on 54th PA Convention and upcoming Parapsychology and Consciousness Conference

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom For Sale

  • Parapsychology Foundation's Newest International Affiliate

  • 2011 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

  • Helix book titles now converted to E-Books

  • PF Lyceum Videos and Perspectives Video Lecture Series prices reduced

  • PF Monographs,Pamphlets and Conference Series prices lowered

  • Congratulations to Nikolaos Koumartzis, 2010 Robert R Coly Prize Winner

  • Deadline for the Tart Award and Robert R Coly Prize have been extended to November 1st, 2010

  • Congratulations to Jack Hunter, 2010 Garrett Scholar!

  • Walter Meyer zu Erpen Gives 50th Perspectives Lecture on “Ectoplasm: Myth or Reality"” February 16th at New York Open Center

  • Emma Stone is the 2009 Robert Coly Prize Essayist

  • Congratulations to Cal Cooper, 2009 Garrett Scholar!

  • New Blog by Charles Tart on his book, The End of Materialism!

  • Andreas Sommer is the 2009 Garrett Lbrary Fellow!

  • PF Announces Two Recipients of the 2009 Bolton Fellowship!

  • PF Announces Two General Scholarly Incentive Awards!

  • PF Announcements E-mail Only From Now On!

  • 2005 Rogo Winner Michael Jawer Publishes His Book!!!

  • 2004 Rogo Winner Christopher Moreman Publishes His Book!!!

  • Luis Espinoza Paul wins the 2008 Tart Award!

  • William Roll awarded the Scholarly Incentive Award to fund his attendance at Utrecht II!

  • Harvard Cell Biologist Dr. Michael Levin Named 2008 Coly Grant for Research Recipient!

  • Coly Grant, Rogo Award and Travel Award Suspended Indefinitely

  • PF International Affiliate Professor Peter Mulacz Posts Report on 2007 PA Conference

  • The Garrett Library Collection Grows!

  • The Foundation’s Suite of Websites and Cache of Periodicals Grows!

  • Rhea White Passes Away on February 24th, 2007

  • Ian Stevenson Passes Away on February 8th, 2007

  • PF Premonition Registry Debuts on the Psychic Explorers Club Site!

  • New “Insightful Journeys” on the Club Site!

  • Download a Free Reprint on the History of the Foundation!

  • PF Now, New Monographs, Psi-Mart and More!

  • And remember: An invitation to become a Student Affiliate!

  • Got to Shop? Shop and Donate to PF at the Igive.com Internet Mall

    Click here to read Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado’s latest blog on the PF Lyceum website.

    Lisette Coly, the President of the Parapsychology Foundation, will introduce well-known psychologist and parapsychologist, Dr. Stanley Krippner, on October 28th at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn. The talk, Spirits and Ghosts I have Known and Loved is part of the Museum’s event, “Halloween: The Curious Story of America’s Most Horrible Holiday” curated by Shannon Taggart, the Programmer in Residence at the Museum. The talk will be at 8pm on Tuesday, October 28th, at the Museum, at 424 Third Avenue in Brooklyn, at the corner of 7th Street. For more information click here.

    The PF’s own Film Archivist, Susan MacWilliam, is showing a new art installation at the Quad Gallery in Derby in England. The installation which is centered around her new film, An Answer is Expected, includes sculpture as well, and explores the work of J. B. Rhine and the early Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University. Susan’s video works have been exhibited internationally and are held in the Drama and Literature Section of the British Library’s Sound Archive. In 2009 she represented Northern Ireland at the 53rd Venice Biennale with her solo show REMOTE VIEWING. Solo exhibitions include NN Contemporary Art, Northampton (2013); Open Space, Victoria, BC (2012); Gimpel Fils, London (2008); Jack The Pelican, New York (2008); Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2004); Cornerhouse, Manchester (2001) and Project Arts, Dublin (1997). Susan MacWilliam is a lecturer in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.
    For more information about An Answer is Requested go to the new PF Lyceum page, New from Susan MacWillam by clicking here.

    The Journal of Scientific Exploration is publishing in their latest issue, an obituary written by PF former staff members and current volunteers, Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone. The obituary charts some of the details of Mrs. Coly’s very productive life at the helm of the Parapsychology Foundation. We are all grateful to the editorial staff of the Society for Scientific Exploration”s excellent journal for their interest in honoring the extraordinary life and work of Mrs. C. Check out the Parapsychology Foundation”s Facebook page for more information by clicking here. And if you”re not a Facebook follower of the Parapsychology Foundation, by all means, follow us. A month or so after Mrs. Coly passed away, through the largess of the Coly family, we published a number of wonderful photos of Mrs. Coly and her family, and the Foundation in the photo albums on the PF Facebook page.

    Controlled Remote Viewing Classes Coming To The Eileen J. Garrett Library May 2 -4, 2014 Parapsychology Foundation will proudly host Controlled Remote Viewing Classes at the Eileen J. Garrett Library, 308 Front Street, Greenport, New York 10944 May 2-4, 2014. This three day course from 9 -5 will be taught by Lori Williams, Executive Director of Intuitive Specialists (http://www.intuitivespecialists.com ). Trained for 14 years under the tutelage of Lyn Buchanan (a longtime military CRV instructor and author of The Seventh Sense) Lori has worked professionally as a remote viewer in her own right and trained over 600 students from around the world. This comprehensive class ensures a high level of one-on-one instruction.

    So if you are interested in learning how to get the most out of your intuitive abilities consider joining the class to study the Controlled Remote Viewing methodology designed to open a doorway to the subconscious mind, allowing for intuitive information to flow easily. Developed by Stanford Research Institute and utilized by the U.S. military for twenty years, CRV allows the viewer to separate psychic perceptions from the imagination and pollution that often hinders intuitive processes.

    It goes without saying that we welcome the opportunity to greet you within the Foundation’s library on Long Island’s North Shore in Greenport accessible by Hampton Jitney Bus and Long Island Railroad. For more information call Lori Williams directly at 806 678-8582 with registration forms available at

    Former PF Staffers, Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone, and one of PF’s favorite lecturers, Loyd Auerbach, will be teaching two new courses for the Rhine Education Center's Winter Semester. Both courses are eight weeks long. Alvarado and Zingrone are team-teaching Introduction to Parapsychology and Loyd Auerbach is teaching Investigating Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists. For more information watch the YouTube video with all the information by clicking on this link: http://youtu.be/dv1RAmgYPDY.

    A new blog called “Memorial for Eileen Coly (1916-2013)” has been published on the PF Lyceum Blog page. The blog contains the eulogies delivered at the memorial service on November 30th, 2013 by Lisette Coly, Sandra Miller, Anna Damalas, George Damalas, and Jane MacLean Craig. The previous blog, “In Memory of Eileen Coly,” published in November of 2013, written by former PF staff member and current volunteer, Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, is also available on the PF Lyceum site.

    Eileen Coly peacefully passed away in Manhattan at the age of 97 on November 18th, 2013. She served as President of the Parapsychology Foundation from 1970 until her retirement in 2011. She continued to share the founder, her mother Eileen J. Garrett’s vision for the Foundation which is to formulate a multi-disciplinary international approach to the study of psychic phenomena with an emphasis on scientific methodology and education.

    Born and educated in England, traveling extensively with her mother the famed psychic and author, they were separated during World War II, during which she remained in England, surviving the London Blitz. Settling in the United States in 1947 she worked at Creative Age Press and “Tomorrow” Magazine before joining the Parapsychology Foundation in 1966. She is the recipient of the 2001 Parapsychological Association’s Outstanding Career Award “for her generous support and dedication to the science of parapsychology.”

    With her French born husband, Robert R. Coly, now deceased she raised two children, Lisette and Robert Louis Coly. She is survived by her daughter, Lisette, who continues to serve as current President of the Parapsychology Foundation in Manhattan and Greenport as well as her son-in-law George E. Damalas and three grandchildren: George Robert Damalas, Anastasia Eileen Damalas and Robert Alan Coly. She has resided in Greenport since 1990. In lieu of flowers donations in her name to: The North Fork Animal Welfare League, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice and Palliative Care and Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.

    For those who missed it tune in tomorrow, January 31st, to the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum show at 8 pm EST to catch the rebroadcast of the episode with PF President, Lisette Coly, discussing one of her grandmother Eileen J. Garrett’s most famous cases, the R101 airship crash. Filmed at the Foundation’s library in Greenport, Long Island, the case remains one of the most tantalizing in support of the survival hypothesis with the dead crew members providing startling evidence as to how and why it crashed which brought Garrett to public prominence in l930.

    PF’s President Lisette Coly will be appearing on television tomorrow night January 24th in a new episode of the “Mysteries at the Museum” show at 9 pm. EST on the Travel Channel. The episode was filmed at the PF’s Eileen Garrett Research Library with Ms. Coly describing PF founder Eileen Garrett’s famous R101 airship case in which the dead crew members following its crash returned through her mediumship to describe the causes of the crash. In Garrett’s personal archives Ms. Coly maintains the actual transcripts of her grandmother’s sittings and other ephemera pertaining to the case which was the subject of a book entitled “the Airmen who Would not Die” written by John Fuller. Some believe that this is one of the strongest cases in support of the survival hypothesis.

    Andrea Fodor Litkei, author, poetess, artist, musician and daughter of famed psychical researcher, journalist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Nandor Fodor, recently spoke at the New York Open Center as part of the PF's Perspective Lecture Series. The Transcript of her lecture, "A Common Ground," is now available in the PF Lyceum Blog.

    Andrea Fodor Litkei, author, poetess, artist, musician and daughter of famed psychical researcher, journalist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Nandor Fodor will speak within the PF’s Perspectives Lecture Series at 7:30 pm. on Wednesday, February 22 at the New York Open Center. A $10 donation at the door will be much appreciated. Dr. Lawrence LeShan will take part in a panel discussion with Mrs. Litkei. For more information on the talk and the venue click here.

    Despite regretful difficulties Parapsychology Foundation is proud to announce the winner of the 2011 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship. Nikolaos Koumartzis of Greece joins a long line of Garrett scholarship winners awarded since l984. He is the co-founder of the World of Parapsychology (www.the WoP.org), an international project that seek to create a digital map of parapsychology research conducted worldwide. As a member of the British Society for Psychical Research, he has published (along with Renaud Evrard) articles in French and British parapsychology journals and since 2006 has been responsible for several monthly columns in several Greek magazines. He is the author of Psychical Research in Greece (Dion Publications, 2010) and a reference book The White Book of Parapsychology (IWrite publications, 2011) . He is a PhD candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) conducting along with his in-depth study of parapsychology, research on online censorship phenomenon.

    Segments of founder, Eileen J. Garrett’s 1954 “Haitian Diary” are published in the October issue of Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal. Submitted by Lisette Coly, PF’s Executive Director and Garrett’s granddaughter the Diary describes her experiences with practitioners of Vodun in Haiti. The Journal is an on-line and print peer-reviewed journal devoted to the promotion of social-scientific approaches to the study of paranormal experiences, beliefs and phenomena in all of their varied guises. The journal aims to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue on issues of the paranormal, so as to move beyond the skeptic vs. advocate impasse which has settled over the current debate, and to open new avenues for enquiry and understanding. The journal can be downloaded for free at http://paranthropologyjournal.weebly.com/free-pdf.html or purchased as a print magazine, here. The Editor, Jack Hunter, is the recipient of the 2010 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship. PF is very proud of his accomplishments as he seeks and succeeds in presenting fascinating material to its readers.

    A new blog, “Parapsychology Foundation’s Enduring Legacy Seen Through the Prism of Recent and Upcoming Conferences” was just posted on the PF Lyceum Website. Nancy L. Zingrone, Ph.D., who wrote the blog, is an occasional volunteer for the PF and also served as PF’s Director of Publications in the past. Since May of 2010 she has held the position of Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs at Atlantic University. In her blog, she reviews the Parapsychological Association convention that took place in Curitiba, Brazil this past August, and also highlights the upcoming unique conference, Atlantic University’s Parapsychology and Consciousness. The conference — to be held from October 14th-16th in the Visitor’s Center at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. — was organized by Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D., the former Chairman of International and Domestic Programs at PF who now holds the position of Scholar in Residence at Atlantic University. In her blog, Zingrone highlights the high number of PF grant recipients and conference and lecture series speakers who participated in the PA Convention in Curitiba and who are slated to appear at the upcoming conference in Virginia Beach. She ends her essay with a reminder to all of us who have been touched by the Foundation and its work in the past that now is the time to rise to the challenge and help support the PF in these tough economic climate. To read the complete blog click here.

    Regretfully due to financial difficulties, Parapsychology Foundation is forced to sell our corporate apartment in scenic Greenport, NY, within walking distance to the Garrett Library. The apartment afforded scholars from around the world the opportunity for in-depth study at the library. Unfortunately we are unable to keep this great tradition going, in our attempt to continue our other programs. If you would like to help, all donations are fully tax deductible as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

    Featured on Yahoo's list of the most beautiful towns in America, Greenport is an up and coming vacation destination on Long Island's North Fork. For further information click here

    PF’S NEWEST INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATE APPOINTED Parapsychology Foundation is proud to introduce our newest international affiliate, Nikolaos Koumartzis, representing Greece. Nikolaos Koumartzis is the co-founder of the World of Parapsychology (www.theWoP.org), an international project that seeks to create a digital map of parapsychology research conducted worldwide.

    Moreover, he is a member of the British Society for Psychical Research and has published (along with Renaud Evrard) articles in French and British parapsychology journals. From 2006 to the present , he remains responsible for various monthly columns in several Greek magazines regarding scientific research into paranormal phenomena. He is the author of Psychical Research in Greece (Dion Publications, 2010) and a reference book titled The White Book of Parapsychology (iWrite Publications, 2011) the title inspired by The Institut Metapsychique International’s, Le Livre Blanc de la Parapsychologie, regarding current scientific research relevant to parapsychological issues.

    In 2010 he received the Parapsychology Foundation’s Robert R. Coly Prize for his award winning essay which is readable here. Mr. Koumartzis is currently a PhD candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) conducting research on online censorship coupled with his ongoing interest in parapsychology.

    The White Book of Parapsychology (iWrite Publications, 2011) his newest book, written in Greek, covers phenomena such as telepathy, psychometry, empathy, deja vu, lucid dreams, astral projection, morphic fields, poltergeists and 29 other paranormal phenomena. Interviews from world-known parapsychologists, and chapters about studying parapsychology and collecting quality information about parapsychological research serves to position the Greek public to better comprehend our complex field and understand the Greek contribution to this fascinating field of inquiry.

    You can visit the promo book website here and you can “flip” quite a few pages of the book by visiting the page here. The White Book of Parapsychology is available from iWrite Publications. It was published in June 2011 and the price is 22 euros. For further information email: info@iWrite.gr">info@iWrite.gr

    Parapsychology Foundation welcomes Nikolas to our family of international affiliates.

    2011 EILEEN J GARRETT SCHOLARSHIP Despite severe financial difficulties Parapsychology Foundation remains committed to the support of students actively involved in research and academia. Hence the 2011 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship is open and will take applications until July l5 with the award winner notified in mid August. Since l984 these annual scholarships have supported many students who have joined the quest for answeres to questions raised by psychic functioning. It goes without saying that during these desperate financial times we would ask that people continue to support the efforts of our organization founded in l951 spanning 60 years. All donations are totally tax deductible as a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization.

    HELIX BOOK TITLES NOW CONVERTED TO E-BOOKS Now available in e-book and available on Amazon Kindle and other distributors: Adventures in the Supernormal, the autobiography of PF founder, Eileen J. Garrett as well as Awareness, a compilation of her thoughts on human consciousness, faith and first-hand knowledge of the workings of her own psychic abilities. Allan Angoff’s intimate biography Eileen Garrett The World beyond the Senses is also proudly available. Our quality paperback series remain in press and in stock along with the Awareness DVD which is presented in a reading by PF’s Executive Director and Garrett’s granddaughter along with a free form color display.

    PF MONOGRAPHS, PAMPHLETS AND CONFERENCE SERIES PRICES LOWERED In consideration of everyone’s financial difficulties including regretfully that of PF, we have now dropped the bulk of our title prices within our Scholarly Monograph Series, International Conference Series and Pamphlet Series. All conference tiles have been reduced to $20 a volume with the exception of our most recent addition, Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology, consisting of 589 pages complete with photographs and searchable CD now available at a reduced price of $25.

    All monographs now stand at $10 a title with the exception of Kelly and Locke’s Altered States of Consciousness and Psi: A Historical Survey and Research Prospectus with the inclusion of a the author’s new updated preface; Cavanna and Servadio’s ESP Experiments with LSD 25 and Psilocybin complete with a new preface by Dr. Charles T. Tart; and Thalbourne’s The Common Thread between ESP and PK which all stand at a price of $15.

    Our introductory pamphlet series including those in Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese are available now
    at a cost of $5.

    PF LYCEUM VIDEOS AND PERSPECTIVES VIDEO LECTURE SERIES PRICES LOWERED Well aware that PF has not been able due to financial constraints to keep up with technology and convert our valuable videos to DVD we now offer these fascinating videos which offer so much food for thought and concrete knowledge provided by many of the leaders of our complex field at a reduced price of $5 an individual title and $10 for a two tape set. Please consider their purchase not only for your benefit but in support of our efforts to create an income stream with which we can hopefully convert these titles to DVD and continue to make them available to students and scholars.

    NIKOLAOS KOUMARTZIS, WINNER OF THE 2010 ROBERT R COLY PRIZE. The Parapsychology Foundation is proud to name Nikolaos Koumatzis the winner of the Robert R Coly Prize. Nikolaos Koumartzis lives in Thessaloniki, Greece, and conducts his PhD research at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.). Nikolaos is also the co-founder of the of World of Parapsychology, an online digital hub for everyone engaged in parapsychology and media interested in scientific research on the field. For a biography of Mr. Koumartzis click here and to read his essay, click here.

    GRANT DEADLINES EXTENDED The Deadlines for the Tart Award and Robert R Coly Prize are rapidly approaching. November 1st, 2010 is the deadline for both applications. To download the information and applications click here

    JACK HUNTER, WINNER OF THE 2010 EILEEN J GARRETT SCHOLARSHIP. Parapsychology Foundation is proud to announce that Jack Hunter has been awarded the 2010 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship. He will use the scholarship to fund his PhD research into the role of anomalous experience in contemporary British spiritualism at the University of Bristol. For more information click here

    WALTER MEYER ZU ERPEN, president of the Survival Research Institute of Canada, will deliver the 50th Parapsychology Foundation Perspectives Lecture, entitled “Ectoplasm: Myth or Reality.” Based on the work of Glen Hamilton in seances conducted between 1918 and 1930, Meyer zu Erpen’s talk will be presented at 7:00p.m. on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at the New York Open Center. Doors will open at 6:45p.m. (A $10 donation at the door will be much appreciated.) For more information on the talk and the venue click here.

    EMMA STONE NAMED THE 2009 ROBERT COLY PRIZE ESSAYIST. Emma Francis Stone, a post-graduate student at the University of Auckland, was named the 2009 Robert Coly Prize Essayist for her essay entitled, “The New Challenge of Psi: The Reinvigoration and Contemporary Conceptualization of Parapsychology.” For a biography of Ms. Stone click here and to read her essay, click here.

    CAL COOPER NAMED THE 2009 EILEEN J. GARRETT SCHOLAR. University of Northampton undergraduate Cal Cooper was awarded the 2009 Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship. For more information click here.

    WELL-KNOWN PSYCHOLOGIST AND PARAPSYCHOLOGIST, DR. CHARLES T. TART has just posted a blog on his new book, The End of Materialism: How the Evidence for the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together. The 28th installment of the PF Lyceum Blog series and the 8th of the “Recent Publications” posts, you can click here to read the blog!

    In residence as the Garrett Library Fellow from July 6th through July 12th, 2009 and getting some early doctoral research done, Mr. Sommer will be starting to work towards a Ph.D. in history at University College London in September. At UCL Sommer will focus on the making of university psychology in Germany and the USA in response to proponents of late-nineteenth century psychical research, such as Johann Friedrich Zöllner in Germany, Frederic W. H. Myers in Britain, and William James in the US. For more information on Mr. Sommer’s background and interests, click here.

    PF ANNOUNCES TWO RECIPIENTS OF THE 2009 BOLTON FELLOWSHIP, Dr. Nicola Holt of the University of the West of England, and Dr. Marios Kittenis of the University of Edinburgh. For more information on the two new Bolton Fellows, click here!

    PF ANNOUNCES GIVING TWO NEW GENERAL SCHOLARLY INCENTIVE AWARDS to Dr. David Luke of the Beckley Foundation in Oxford and the University of East London, and to Dr. Yung-Jong Shiah of Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan. For more information about Drs. Luke and Shiah click here.

    PF ANNOUNCEMENTS OF EVENTS, NEW PUBLICATIONS, GRANTS, AWARDS, LIBRARY HOURS AND OTHER NEWS WILL NO LONGER MADE THROUGH THE POST. To receive news from now on, you must sign up on the home page of the main PF website, http://www.parapsychology.org, put your email address in the subscription box and click “Submit.” Then you’ll be sure to receive our occasional email newsletter! Thanks!

    2004 ROGO AWARD WINNER CHRISTOPHER MOREMAN announced recently that his book, Beyond the Threshold: Afterlife Beliefs and Experiences in World Religions, has been published by Rowman & Littlefield. It is an examination of afterlife beliefs and seemingly psychic experiences in such religious traditions as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, among others. Moreman’s unique, in-depth exploration of both beliefs and experiences can help readers reach their own understanding of the afterlife and how to live their lives. For more information on Dr. Moreman and his book, click here and scroll down.

    UNIVERSIDAD PERUANA CAYETANO HEREDIA POST-GRADUATE, LUIS ESPINOZA PAUL has been awarded the 6th Annual Charles T. and Judith A. Tart Student Incentive Award. To read more about Mr. Espinoza Paul and the research the Tart Award will fund, please click here.

    UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA PROFESSOR WILLIAM G. ROLL received a scholarly incentive award from the Parapsychology Foundation to fund his attendance at Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology, the conference to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in October of 2008. Dr. Roll also attended the first Utrecht conference held in 1953. For more information click here and scroll down.

    HARVARD CELL BIOLOGIST DR. MICHAEL LEVIN named the 2008 Eileen Coly Grant for Research Recipient. For more information on Dr. Levin’s biography and research proposal, click here.

    PARAPSYCHOLOGY FOUNDATION REGRETS to announce the the Eileen Coly Grant for Research, the D. Scott Rogo Award for Parapsychological Literature, and the Scholarly Incentive Award for Convention Travel will be suspended indefinitely due to the recent economic downturn. All other awards, fellowships, grants and scholarships remain in effect. Should anyone decry this unfortunate decision and wish to support any or all of PF’s grant and award programs please contact Lisette Coly, PF’s Executive Director at lisettecoly@parapsychology.org. Because the Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible. For the new staggered schedule of PF Grants and Awards click here.

    PF INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATE FROM AUSTRIA, PROFESSOR PETER MULACZ recently submitted a lively summary of the Parapsychological Association Convention held in August of 2007 at the Holiday Inn Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. To read Prof. Mulacz’s report, click here.

    THE COLLECTIONS OF THE EILEEN J. GARRETT LIBRARY HAVE GROWN thanks to the late Rhea A. White, Joseph Rush, and Martin Ebon. Rhea White, whose life and work has been documented in a PF Lyceum Blog, bequeathed her entire library, her extensive correspondence, her website, her Yahoo Discussion Group, eheshare, and her computer files to the Foundation. Her Yahoo group and website have just recently passed into Foundation hands. The rest of her bequest has arrived on Foundation “soil” and is being processed. Foundation staff have been working furiously to integrate 7,500 books and complete runs of more than 100 journals into the Library’s already vast collection. Serendipitously, the late physicist and parapsychologist, Joseph Rush, and one-time Foundation employee, the late author and editor Martin Ebon also bequeathed their libraries to the Foundation. Rush’s 1,500 titles, and Ebon’s 500-title collection are also being integrated into the Library. Prior to the receipt of these bequests the Library Collection stood at 12,000 books and more than 100 journals. Once the new collections have been accommodated a description of the Library’s holdings will be uploaded to Breaking News.

    THE FOUNDATION is in the process of moving to its own servers Rhea A. White’s Exceptional Human Experiences Network website, http://www.ehe.org. Once that is done, we will be trying to update the site with information that Rhea was compiling but had never posted, maintaining the site as an information resource only, and directing individuals to purchase back issues of Rhea’s publications on the Foundation’s electronic store, http://www.psi-mart.com as well as directly from our distributor, BookMasters. (More on ordering appears below, so read on!)

    The membership aspect of the Network will not be continued, however, nor will new issues of EHE publications be forthcoming from us.

    We will, however, moderate Rhea’s Yahoo Group eheshare and we hope current members will feel free to begin their discussions again. We also hope other individuals who wish to share their own exceptional experiences will feel free to join the group. Go to http://www.yahoo.com, click on “Groups” in the list on the left-hand side of the page, and then enter eheshare into the “Find A Yahoo Group” search box. The group is moderated. One of us will check the group every day to review applications for membership and post pending emails. The Foundation won’t direct the discussion, though. Just as it was under Rhea’s ownership, the group will be able to determine their own topics of discussion.

    FINALLY, we will updating the EHE Network website with the complete list of available past issues of Parapsychology Abstracts International, Exceptional Human Experiences Newsletter, Exceptional Human Experiences Journal, and Rhea A. White’s Background Papers. In addition, various titles in the Psi Information Center bibliographies and reading guides will also be offered. These materials are available now directly from our distributor by calling 800-537-6727 and ordering by title. Later this summer these titles will also be available on the Foundation’s on-line store, http://www.psi-mart.com.

    THE FOUNDATION has posted a blog written by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado to honor the passing of Rhea A. White who died after a long illness on February 24th, 2007.

    FROM THE DESK OF LISETTE COLY, Executive Director of the Parapsychology Foundation:
    It is with deep sadness that Parapsychology Foundation marks the passing of Rhea A. White (Hon) Ph.D. on Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at her home in New Bern, North Carolina at the age of 75.

    Her contributions to parapsychology are as extensive as are the details of her illustrious career. Perhaps her lasting legacy — apart from the tomes of literature she amassed and catalogued, her four books and numerous articles and papers — are the countless numbers of students she touched and the lasting friendships she formed. She was always willing and able to lend an ear and offer a perspective or research avenue not yet considered.

    A long time PF grantee and conference participant as well as moderator and guiding light for PF’s International Conference held in Dublin, Ireland, “Women and Parapsychology,” Rhea was an integral part of the PF family. She experienced first-hand the personalities of all three generations of Garrett and Coly women who administered PF as well as that of PF’s late Administrative Secretary, Robert R. Coly. Both my mother, PF’s current President, Eileen Coly, and I have valued greatly our association with Rhea on so many levels.

    Rhea shared her thoughts and experiences of PF’s founder, Eileen Garrett, in the Helix edition of Garrett’s Adventures in the Supernormal and had just finished work on an Foreward and Afterward to the soon-to-be-released Helix Edition of Garrett’s Awareness, which Rhea considered essentially an in-depth exceptional human experience autobiography.

    On a personal note, Rhea, over the years, I hope saw me “mature” and was always ready to offer good counsel and friendship as I attempted to navigate a channel for continued and future PF directives as well as listened to all matters of my personal ups and downs not to mention all our conversations on the love and care of cats!

    Rhea White will be sorely missed by all manner of people she came in contact with, all of whom have been enriched in many ways by knowing her. And, through Rhea, humankind’s understanding of the complexities of human experience has been greatly expanded.

    A brief announcement on Rhea White’s life and work is available on the home page of the Exceptional Human Experiences Network. (Scroll down to read the memorial by Charles T. Tart.)

    THE FOUNDATION has posted a blog written by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado to honor the passing of luminary Dr. Ian Stevenson who died on February 8th, 2007.

    From the desk of Lisette Coly, Executive Director of the Parapsychology Foundation:
    Dr. Stevenson, as Dr. Alvarado’s contribution to the PF Lyceum’s Weblog Series illustrates, had a impressive impact on parapsychology and academia at large. He influenced and inspired many students to more closely investigate the mysteries raised by psychic functioning and reincarnation specifically. The PF provided early support for his research in 1961 when, at the request of Eileen J. Garrett, he took a trip to India and Sri Lanka to investigate reincarnation memories in children, a trip which spawned a lifetime of research. Dr. Stevenson graciously acknowledged this support in the “Remembrances” section within Garrett’s Adventures in the Supernormal when, referring to Garrett, he stated: “ Later I obtained much other funding; but I remain deeply indebted to Eileen for encouraging me and for making possible my first endeavors to study the children who claim to remember previous lives. Without her I could not have even started.”

    The PF is jusitfiably very proud of its long-time and much-valued association with Dr. Stevenson. Appreciating the complex personality of our founder as he did, Dr. Stevenson, over the years, was also friend and colleague to myself and my mother, Eileen Coly, as we have carried on the work of the Foundation. For me, personally, he holds a revered spot in my heart not only because he was the essence of a consumate gentleman, but because, as a measure of his kindness, when he fully expected to attend a luncheon with Garrett, she was called away and he found himself sharing lunch in an elegant French restaurant with me, Garrett’s at-the-time thirteen-year-old granddaughter! Dr. Stevenson most patiently and kindly explained his theories while never expressing disappointment or impatience with the situation, going on to refer often to our first luncheon as I grew to maturity. Parapsychology and the PF family is greatly diminished by his loss.

    ANNOUNCING the launch of the Psychic Explorer’s Club Premonitions Registry. If you have a premonition you would like recorded and archived click here.

    ANNOUNCING the addition of new “Insightful Journeys”s quotations to the Psychic Explorers Club Website. New quotations that touch on the importance of parapsychology were taken from classic works written by Lawrence LeShan, Henry Margenau and others. To take an “Insightful Journey” click here.

    DOWNLOAD A FREE REPRINT of the Parapsychology Foundation’s “Anniversary Article” by clicking here. The article, “Fifty Years of Supporting Parapsychology: The Parapsychology Foundation (1951–2001)” was written by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, Eileen Coly, Lisette Coly, and Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone in honor of the Foundation’s 50th anniversary on December 14th, 2001. Included in the long-delayed Volume 12, Issue 2 (2001) of the International Journal of Parapsychology which comes off press in January of 2007!

    Issue VI (Spring 2007) PARAPSYCHOLOGY FOUNDATION NOW is in preparation. Once it’s ready to mail, Issue V (Spring 2006) will be available in PDF format on the PF Now page. To download Issues I (2001) to IV (2005), click here. (Psychic Explorers Club members receive individual copies of the PF Now as they come hot off the press, yet another reason to join the Club!)

    Scholarly Monograph #19, The Common Thread between ESP and PK by Australian psychologist and parapsychologist, Dr. Michael A. Thalbourne of the University of Adelaide, is available for purchase on the Foundation’s on-line store by clicking here. For more information on past titles in series, click here.

    And don’t forget what’s new on Psi-Mart: Eileen J. Garrett’s Awareness both in paperback and DVD Audio Book; Rupert Sheldrake’s Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers; Loyd Auerbach’s two ghost-hunting reference books, Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal and Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide; all the in-print editions of Research in Parapsychology, published from 1972 to 1993, in which the astracts of presented papers and some addresses from the Annual Parapsychological Association conventions were included; and the reprint of a classic by veteran parapsychologist and psychologist Lawrence LeShan, The Medium, The Mystic and the Physicist: Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal. A great way to shop on Psi-Mart is to put your favorite author or topic in the “Search Block” and see what comes up!

    And more on the Parapsychology Foundation sites: Check out the Member Organization program: In 2005, the PF inaugurated a new Affiliate Program, this time for like-minded organizations. The Foundation welcomed Inter Psi: the Group for Semiotics, Interconnectivity and Consciousness of the Center for Peircian Studies at the University of São Paulo as its first Member Organization. In 2006, Instituto de Psicología Paranormal in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at the University of Adelaide agreed to join the program. Information on these two organizations will be posted over the coming months. For more information on the program itself and on Inter Psi and its work, click here.

    CALLING ALL STUDENTS!. The Parapsychology Foundation has established a Student Affiliate Program designed to help students get “plugged in” to the network of reliable information about scientific parapsychology. As an international clearinghouse for such information and with our mission to support the scientific study of psychic phenomena, we not only have our fingers on the pulse of what’s “out there” in terms of research and education but we also have a commitment to inspiring the next generation of researchers to take up this difficult field, even if it is only for a short time, or as an adjunct to other careers.

    With these goals in mind, we are seeking enterprising students to become Student Affiliates of the Parapsychology Foundation. A Student Affiliate is a person who is a student at an accredited college or university, who has a personal interest in parapsychology. Student Affiliates join the Psychic Explorers Club for the discounted rate of $30.00. They receive access to the Members-Only portions of our Club website located at http://www.psychicexplorers.org, where they can join in the on-line chat forum, receive news about PF events and activities before they are advertised elsewhere, have access to a free Reprint Library from which they can download articles, reading guides and book chapters from the Parapsychology Foundation’s publications, take a 10% discount on the admission price of any PF event they attend personally, a Club tote bag, an ID card, and complimentary copies of our pamphlets, Introduction to Parapsychology and Getting Started in Parapsychology. To get a Student Affiliate Information Packet, email office@parapsychology.org and we’ll get one out to you via email or post!

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