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PF Bibliographies are pages in the Lyceum Library section of the PF’s educational website, http://www.pflyceum.org/. When printing out pages from any of the PF websites, it is best to set-up your page orientation to “landscape” before printing. That way, you won’t miss out on any of the text that shows on the screen.

Items on the Bibliographies that are in the Eileen J. Garrett Research Library in Greenport, New York, will have our library call numbers after the titles in bold print. Items that are available for sale in our on-line store, http://www.psi-mart.com, will have a click through after the reference.

If you are interested in any topic you don’t see on the list below, don’t hesitate to send us an email at office@parapsychology.org and we’ll try to recommend reading.

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PF Bibliographies
1. Introductions to Parapsychology

2. Bibliographies

3. Encyclopedias, Glossaries, Literature Reviews

4. Education in Parapsychology

5. Bibliografía de Parapsicología en Español

6. Parapsychology as a Science

7. Aspects of Parapsychology as a Profession

8. Parapsychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychiatry

9. Development of Psychic Abilities

10. Historical Studies of Parapsychology

11. Survival of Death

12. Spontaneous Cases: General

13. Spontaneous ESP Experiences

14. Experimental Parapsychology

15. Out-of-Body Experiences

16. Near-Death Experiences

17. Poltergeists

18. Hauntings

19. Ghost Stories

20. Criticisms of Parapsychology

21. Fraud, Deception and Self-Deception in Psychic Phenomena

22. Healing

23. Auras

24. Apparitions

25. Altered States of Consciousness

26. Subtle Energy

27. Mental Mediumship

28. Physical Mediumship

29. Biographies and Autobiographies of Psychics and Mediums

30. Theories of Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis

31. Precognition

32. Precognition of Disasters

33. Research Approaches and Methods Used in Parapsychology

34. Reincarnation

35. Biographies and Autobiographies of Parapsychologists

36. Interactions of Ideas about Psychic Phenomena and Concepts from Medicine, Psychology and Physics

37. Basic Literacy in Parapsychology

38. The Study of the Historical Literature of Parapsychology

39. The History of Mesmer and Mesmerism

40. The Histories of Spiritualism and Spiritism

41. The Society for Psychical Research

42. On Frederic W. H. Myers

43. On J. B. Rhine

44. Parapsychology’s Forgotten Phenomena

45. Works by and about Charles Richet

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