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The International Journal of Parapsychology, ISSN 0553-206X, was published briefly after its relaunch in 2000. Following on the original 10 volumes published from 1959 through 1968, Volume 11 was published in 2000, and volume 12 in 2001. While the original intention was to continue the journal into the future, financial constraints and other events closed the Journal down.

The first ten volumes are available on the IJP CD-Rom, all of which can be accessed by using file explorer to view the files directly (the onboard autorun feature does not work with recent operating systems on PC or MAC). The PDF version of the Table of Contents on the IJP CD-Rom does still work, however, and can be searched for individuals authors, article titles and any word that appears in the articles themselves. Titles are still hyperlinked to the original article-by-article PDFs. The individual issues of volumes 11 and 12 are available on the Foundation’s online store, Psi-Mart.com

The two new volumes departed from the traditional format and contained a mix of articles, case reports, classic updates, book reviews, regular features on film in parapsychology, CD-Roms, websites and games. News, information, occasional bibliographies, reviews of the contents of non-English language journals and more have also been included. Authors of articles and features published in the IJP are drawn from the ranks of academic and scientific parapsychologists, field investigators, authors, faculty members and researchers in other disciplines, and experiencers, all from a variety of countries around the globe. For more information on the contents of the recent volumes click on the “Current Issue” and “Abstract” buttons above.

Subscriptions for the journal are no longer being taken.

The proceeds from the sale of the International Journal of Parapsychology and all the publications and products of the Parapsychology Foundation go to support the Foundationís programs, including that unique resource, the Eileen J. Garrett Library, and the grant programs. Donations are welcome.

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